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Sunday, November 24 – Saturday, November 30

Sunday, November 10 – Saturday, November 16

  • Performed general cleaning of staging area and stained bridge 1016 and 1017.

  • Applied primer and paint to the back face of the overhang parapet on bridges 1016/1017 span.

  • Installed bearing plate on the modified safety shape barrier for the attachment of Thrie beam approach transition on bridge 1017 NW approach.

  • Milling of existing asphalt pavement and placed asphalt surface mix.

  • Installed epoxy coated rebars for proposed PCC half curb barrier wall on South Capitol Street SE, left of the traveling lanes.

  • Filled UPHC Coil rod with non-shrink mortar under bridge 1017 on S. Capitol St. SEB. Continue to perform demobilization task within southwest bound lane of South Capitol Street staging area.

  • Stripped forms from light pole foundations.

  • Sealed holes underneath the deck slabs on bridge 1017, span 1 after forms removal with non-shrink mortar grout.

  • Seeded and placed straw mulch along the slopes on bridge 1016 abutment B wingwall.

  • Cut off excessive length of guard rail posts over W-beams on the thrie beam approach transition guardrail on the NW approach of bridge 1017.

  • Placed concrete in PCC half curb barrier wall on South Capitol Street SE, left of the traveling lanes. 

  • Placed topsoil, seeded and mulched denuded areas on southbound 295, along the guardrail, right of the baseline.

  • Eradicated existing pavement markings and applied thermoplastic on Southbound 295 and northbound 295. The crew applied tapes on bridge 1016 and 1017 decks.

  • Sealed holes on the bottom of the UHPC closure joints on bridge 1016 and 1017 span 2 with mortar cement grout.

  • Thank you for your patience during construction. The project is now completed and we hope that you are enjoying the improvements.

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