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JUNE 2019

Sunday, June 16 – Saturday, June 22

06/17/19: Contractor performed formwork for parapet on AFW Bridge # 1017 Abutment-B over I-295 SB. Contractor also performed reinstallation of Bearing Pad under AFW Bridge # 1017 over I-295 SB.

06/18/19: Contractor performed formwork installation for Moment Slab Parapet Wall for AFW Bridge # 1017 Abutment-B over I-295 SB. Contractor also performed jacking assembly, bearing pads and sole plate correction.


06/19/19: Contractor performed installation for Moment Slab Parapet Wall on AFW Bridge # 1017 Abutment-B over I-295 SB. Inspectors verified Bearing Pads placement on AFW Bridge # 1017 under I-295 SB (A1-D2) and gaps for Abutment-A and Abutment-B.


06/20/19: Contractor continue formwork installation for AFW Bridge # 1017 Moment Slab

Parapet Wall over I-295 SB. Contractor also removed of formwork for UHPC pour at Modular Units (1-1, 1-2, 2-1, 2-2) Bridge # 1017.


06/21/19: Contractor completed formwork installation for AFW Bridge # 1017 Moment Slab Parapet Wall for Abutment-B over I-295 SB. Contractor continued to remove Coil-rod installed for UHPC poured underneath Bridge # 1017 Modular Units. Contractor placed GAB for proposed Approach Slab on AFW Bridge # 1017 Abutment-A over I-295 SB.

06/22/19: No work on this day.

Sunday, June 9 – Saturday, June 15

06/10/19: Contractor performed placement of rebars for Jacking foundation installation under AFW Bridge # 1016 Pier, on S. Capitol St. Contractor jacked girders on Abutment-A, B and Pier Cap location for Shimming process under AFW Bridge # 1017. Contractor cancelled further work on-site due to inclement weather.

06/11/19: Contractor drilled for anchor bolts on AFW Bridge # 1017 over I-295 SB on

Abutment-A, B and Pier Beam Seats. Contractor installed formwork for deck closure joint on 2-1, 2-2. Contractor continued formwork installation for Approach Slab over I-295 SB on Abutment- B of Bridge # 1017 and demolition on Modular unit for re-alignment of expansion joint between 1-2 and 2-2.


06/12/19: Contractor poured Class B Concrete for Jacking Foundation for AFW Bridge #

1017 under S. Capitol St. Contractor performed formwork installation for closure pour on Bridge # 1017 over I-295 SB.


06/13/19: Contractor installed formwork for propose concrete pour located on AFW Bridge #1017 Abutment-B Approach and Moment Slab and proposed UHPC pour form for Modular Unit (1-1, 1-2, 2-1, 2-2) over I-295 SB.


06/14/19: Contractor poured concrete for Bridge #1017 Approach and Moment Slab.

06/15/19: None on this date.

Sunday, June 2 – Saturday, June 8

06/03/19: Contractor performed demolition for propose approach slab on AFW Bridge # 1017 Abutment-A. Contractor finalized formwork for concrete pour on AFW Bridge # 1016 Abutment-A over I-295 NB.

06/04/19: Contractor performed concrete pouring for Moment and Approach Slab on AFW bridge # 1016 (I-295 NB) Abutment-A over S. Capitol St. S.E.

06/05/19: Contractor stripped formwork on AFW Bridge # 1016 Abutment A,B (Approach

Slabs) and Pier Beam Seats. Contractor performed hauling for proposed Approach Slab located on AFW Bridge # 1017 Abutment-A over I-295 SB and demolition for 18" Dia RCPR approximately from Sta. 22+20 - Sta. 22+30.


06/06/19: Contractor prepared formwork for proposed Approach Slab on AFW Bridge # 1017 Abutment-A over I-295 SB. Contractor installed rebars on AFW Bridge # 1017 Abutment-B for proposed Approach Slab over I-295 SB.


06/07/19: Contractor poured concrete for jacking foundation for Pier footings for AFW Bridge # 1017. Contractor installed formwork for Approach and Moment Slab for Bridge # 1017 Abutment-B over I-295 SB. Contractor performed backfilling for proposed Approach Slab for Bridge # 1017 Abutment-A over I-295 SB.


06/08/19: Contractor installed Modular Units 1-1, 1-2, 2-1,2-2 for AFW Bridge # 1017

Abutment-A, B and Pier Beam Seats.

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